Our Philosophy

We believe we can empower our clients to pursue their financial goals and create the future they want through proactive, relationship-oriented planning.  We follow that up by constantly striving to provide outstanding customer service; from opening the first account, to developing income strategies, to helping the family with the process of transferring wealth at the end of a long and fruitful life.

In today’s economic times, we believe it’s necessary for clients to have a financial plan to help overcome the realities of today’s retirement phase of life:  fewer pensions offered by employers, Social Security funding uncertainties, market volatility, political risks, and economic uncertainty. A Financial Plan is an individualized, dynamic blueprint that serves to assess a client’s current financial position, their exposure to risk personally and financially, their income tax situation, and clarifies goals around big purchases, retirement and estate transfer.   When we know what’s important to a client, we can build long-term strategies that are customized to their needs by tapping into programs provided by a wide-range of investment providers.

In terms of business planning, we can strategize with your tax and legal professionals to help optimize the structure of your business to address your goals.  We advise our clients on typical benefit packages, such as 401(k) retirement plans, but also advise on more advanced and less common retirement plans which provide for sustainably higher contribution limits.  We also explore business succession strategies to help transfer a business cost-effectively and tax-efficiently. 

Our emphasis on financial planning throughout the process helps to ensure that our clients have a plan that encompasses their short, middle and long-term goals.  The plan then gives us and our clients a course of action to aimed to meet those goals whether they are personal or professional.  Although we are not accountants nor attorneys, we can work with other professionals to help you address concerns dealt with by those professionals and thus help maximize the effectiveness of your work with them.

Our team takes pride in helping our clients pursue their financial goals with confidence. We want them to have sound strategies in place so they can make decisions for themselves and their family with an understanding of the potential rewards and consequences. Our team aims to give our clients top-shelf service and we want them to feel trust in a team that can support them for generations to come.