Why Financial Planning?

Whether your financial goals are due next year or in 20 years, planning your financial future is one of your most important priorities. Your financial future depends, largely, on the decisions you make today. That's why it's so important to explore the benefits of financial planning and how it can potentially help you improve your financial future.

I believe that financial planning is a highly personal process. My distinct approach utilizes a personal process to help you identify and prioritize the financial goals that are unique to your situation. Then, we help you in developing the strategy to pursue those goals.

It is beneficial for you, the client, to understand the financial planning process I follow with my clients to help them pursue their financial objectives. My financial planning process is an ongoing 6-step process.

  1. Data collection of crucial information
  2. Analysis of current strategy to determine if you currently meet financial objective(s)
  3. Consult in order to determine appropriate strategy or behavior to help address financial objective(s)
  4. Observe how proposed strategy can help address financial objective graphically
  5. Implement strategy
  6. Monitor and review

Here are a few questions that financial planning may help you answer.

  • What specific rate of return do you need on your investments to achieve retirement goals?
  • What specific rate of return do you need on your investments to achieve other financial objectives (education, down payment, etc.)?
  • What is your survivor need in case your spouse pre-deceases you today (and vise-versa)?
  • How can you optimize your cash flow and how does this affect your other financial objectives?
  • Does your investment mixture of stocks and bonds (asset allocation) match your risk tolerance and investment goal time horizon?
  • What are your transfer estate costs expected to be and how will you transfer your estate/business most tax efficiency and cost effectively?